What is the value of freedom?

Freedom has been one of the most wide spread, popular and  talked about political topics for centuries. It has been and will always be a prominent component of political discussion. Seeing as it is such a popular idea, it got me thinking: What is the value of freedom?

The value of freedom is that it gives more power to the individual. The individual is liberated from any form of coercion or oppression from the government. The individual is therefore free to live their life on their own terms and as they wish. This leads to a more prosperous society in the long run. 

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Freedom in Regards to Human Progress

Freedom is the most important ingredient in regards to creating a wealthy, prosperous, healthy, educated, philanthropic and diverse society. Freedom gives more power and personal liberty to the individual, allowing for the individual to live life on their own terms. Freedom creates the perfect environment for individuals to grow and improve. This in turn benefits society as a whole, as the majority of the population is constantly and consistently becoming more productive, knowledgeable and self-sufficient. 

The reason the individual takes to freedom so well is because the idea in itself is deeply embedded in human nature. Human development inherently requires the expansion of human choices, which is why the concept of freedom is paramount to human progress. There is a direct correlation between freedom and the prosperity of society as a whole. It helps lower mortality rates, increases life expectancy and increases literacy rates (all over time). Economically speaking, freedom increases productivity and reduces problems such as unjust economic distribution and increases the income per capita. All these factors help to further human progress. 

Overtime, as a society becomes more free, we can expect to see higher rates of human prosperity. The graph displayed below is from the 2022 Index of Economic Freedom. It measures the overall GDP per capita of a country in regards to its level of freedom (measured by The Index of Economic Freedom). 

2022 Index of Economic Freedom

This graph clearly shows how freedom and human prosperity are significantly correlated. The more free the society is, the more prosperous it will be. It shows how freedom adds immense value to a society as it is responsible for majorly increasing the GDP per capita. 

2022 Index of Economic Freedom

The Bar graph above gives another visual representation on the value of freedom. Societies that are deemed more free can expect to see a vastly higher GDP per capita than societies that restrict freedoms. 

Freedom and Democracy

Freedom and democracy are directly tied together. You can’t have true freedom without democracy, and you can’t have true democracy without freedom. A free, fair democracy is paramount to human prosperity. One of the main values of freedom is that it brings with it the fruits of a free and fair democratic society. 

Democracy is an important political structure as it ensures the individual has the freedom to be heard and the ability to contribute to their society. Democracy directly reflects the values, beliefs and ideologies of the people of which it serves. A free society is one where there is a diversity of viewpoints, beliefs, values and ideologies. These all contribute to that society’s democracy and ensure all peoples voices are heard. The individual is free to choose which ideologies resonate with them the most, and then use that information to vote for who they think is the best representative for them. 

The most important link between democracy and freedom is that there must be a system that is used to maintain freedom and personal liberty within a society. That system is democracy. Freedom has to be absolute, and therefore has to be protected at all cost. Democracy does the best job at this. A system by the people and for the people. Democracy inherently reduces the risk of tyranny and extreme authoritarianism within a society. This in turn protects freedom and personal liberty.

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Freedom and Personal Responsibility

An amazing value freedom produces is the importance of personal responsibility. Freedom liberates the individual from the shackles of the government and gives more power to the individual. With less reliance on the state, however, it means that the individual is in charge of their own livelihoods. This is where personal responsibility comes in. Freedom means that the individual is responsible for the choices they make throughout their lives. They are responsible for their own success, and likewise, responsible for their own failures. Personal responsibility can seem like a scary idea to some, but it is an attribute that contributes significantly to human progress, prosperity and social/economic expansion. It forces the individual to grow, be held accountable and make the best choices they possibly can to ensure they are financially secure and live a good life. 

This is the paradox of freedom and why it is such a good long term strategy, at ensuring human progress. A free society gives you freedom of choice, but you also must be aware of the consequences of those decisions. This is why freedom comes with great responsibility. It is this responsibility which really benefits society as a whole. The more responsible and conscientious the individuals of a society are, the more well off that society will be. 

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The value of freedom is that it gives more power to the individual. The individual is liberated from any forms of coercion or oppression from the government. The individual is therefore free to live their life on their own terms and as they wish. This leads to a more prosperous society in the long run. 

Freedom is the main factor in regards to human progress. There is a direct correlation between personal freedom and human prosperity. The more free a society is, the more productive its economy will be and the better educated the people will be. This leads to more prosperity, better health outcomes, better life expectancy and a better standard of living. 

Freedom and democracy go hand in hand. Freedom brings with it the benefit of a free and fair democratic society. Democracy allows for freedom of its people to be protected from any tyranny. This is a crucial component in ensuring freedom is absolute and the individual is protected from any forms of corruption. 

Freedom brings with it the value of personal responsibility. In a free society, the individual bears more responsibility as they are held accountable and have to pay attention to the outcomes of potential decisions. Personal responsibility is an important trait in bettering the individual and adding value to society as a whole. 

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