About Liberal kiwi

I am a quirky and eccentric 19 year old grocery stocker who spends way too much money on clothes and skincare. I can be very passionate about certain issues and often find myself reading books and the newspaper (yes, like an ACTUAL newspaper) with a super nerdy amount of enthusiasm, hence why I created this blog. Liberal Kiwi is a passion project where I write about topics including politics, societal issues, economics, finance and pop culture. My views are completely unique to me and no-one else. My goal here is to create a page that has content truly different from the pack that you won’t find on any other site. Content that is hopefully interesting and makes you think about issues and the world in ways you never have before. Our guarantee at Liberal Kiwi is that the material you read here will be way more engaging and exciting than any other source of media you can think of. The posts you find here won’t just go in one eye and out the other, they will stick with you forever. At the very least, I hope the posts you find on Liberal Kiwi are good enough to entertain you for a couple of minutes!