Jacinda Adern is the Worst Prime Minister Ever

Jacinda Adern has globally been hailed as one of the best leaders the world has ever seen. She has been painted as a role model and a messiah of what politicians should strive to be. I completely disagree. In fact, I believe Jacinda Adern is potentially the worst prime minister New Zealand has ever had. It’s 2022 now, and people are finally getting over Jacinda fever, which carried her to a sweeping victory in the 2020 election. Kiwis are finally starting to wake up to the abysmal failure that has been the 5th Labour government with Jacinda Adern at the helm. The damage the current government has been causing has become increasingly apparent, and Jacinda Adern herself is becoming increasingly more worried and erratic with the fact there is a high probability she will lose power in next year’s election. As the saying goes, power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

First things first, let’s rewind back to the 2017 election. What were Jacina Aderns and Labour’s biggest aspirations? She constantly stated that the only reason she ever got involved in politics was to end child poverty. This is a noble aim that should be commended of course, but when talking about politicians, there is only ever really one reason why they enter politics, for the  power. Those who think otherwise are fooling themselves. Seeing as this was her chief aim as a politician, it is important to ask if child poverty has improved under her government. The answer? It has risen dramatically! New Zealand is now facing a cost of living crisis like we’ve never seen before. The amount of New Zealanders who work full time but still rely on government benefits to get by has risen at an exponential rate since Labour took power in 2017. This shows times are getting harder and harder for average and poor  working class citizens. Inflation is at an all time high, Businesses are struggling and there is a dire sense of pessimism amongst the New Zealand population. So this is Cindy’s paradise. Food is harder to put on the table, people are struggling to put a roof over their head, but at least she’s nice, right?

Another big issue she promised to tackle was our housing crisis. New Zealand has one of the worst housing markets for first home buyers in the world. House prices doubled under Helen Clark’s Labour government, then again under John Key and Bill English’s National government. During the 2017 election campaign, Jacinda Adern used this to her advantage by blaming the nation for the housing crisis whilst promising to make housing more affordable. Looking back though, it’s a shame kiwis didn’t call her bluff, as historically house prices have increased more under Labour governments than national (13.6% under Labour compared to 9.1% for National). Her main policy to tackle this issue was Kiwibuild, which aimed to build 100,000 affordable homes for first home buyers, through a government run initiative. This seemed like a good policy at first glance, but was a complete and utter failure. Only 602 houses were built from the initiative, a long way off Jacinda’s promised amount of 100,000. So how are house prices looking 5 years after Jacinda Adern got elected? So far they have more than doubled and have increased more in 5 years than the 9 years of the previous National government (which came under deep scrutiny for the rising cost of housing). Mixed with the fact we have a cost of living crisis, and you can see how incompetent this goverment has been. Jacinda Adern has not stayed true to her promises at all. In fact, she has made everything worse. 

The only saving grace Jacinda Adern can hold on to is her initial response to the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Cindy is clinging on to this time for dear life! She knows the only way she can be elected again is to convince enough ignorant people that she has kept them safe and will continue to do so. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for the greater good of New Zealand, more and more kiwis are waking up to her nonsense. People are starting to realise how incredibly botched and incompetent our pandemic response has been post 2020. Forget about facts for this one, go outside and see for yourself what our disgraceful pandemic response has done to the nation. The streets are quiet, hardly anyone is eating out and businesses are closing left right and centre (taking jobs with them). I go into Christchurch CBD regularly and feel heartbroken when I walk into a local business and the owner’s face lights up like they haven’t seen a customer for years. You can feel it in the air how low on morale everyone is, how arduous it is living with all these pointless masks and restrictions. If this is Jacinda’s image of paradise, there is no way we can allow her to be elected for a third term. It would be the nail in the coffin for New Zealand.

The only rebuttal Jacindatarians have against all these points is that she is a kind person, a compassionate leader who is empathetic and treats everyone with respect. Those who deny this fully are out of their mind. Jacinda Adern is indeed a nice person who everyone likes, who wouldn’t like her? This is politics however, when you cast a vote in the election, you are not voting for the person, more a machine that runs the country. Jacinda Adern may be a nice person, but the machine that is the 5th Labour government is completely and utterly inadequate and has no business running this country. Jacinda Adern has now become corrupted by power, that is the only thing now driving her. She can try to lie to the masses and manipulate people all she wants, but the results of her government are loud and clear. People will not tolerate it much longer, hence why after a complete political monopoly Labour are finally starting to drop in the polls as National rises one again. National leader Christopher Luxon is an outstanding character with actual real world experience, which is a rare trait in politicians these days. He has Jacinda on the ropes, and I truly believe he will be the man to dethrone her come the 2023 or 2026 election.

Thus, contrary to global media outlets, hailing Jacinda as a goddess, I believe she is perhaps the worst prime minister of all time. The stats in pretty much all aspects of her tenure back this up. I have absolutely nothing against Jacinda herself as a person. I believe she is someone everyone should look up to, and we should all take her message of being kind to one another seriously, especially in today’s day and age. As mentioned above however, it is not the people themselves that matter, more the results their government actually produces, Jacinda’s government has shown no results, only failure after failure. Kiwis must make Labour pay for this next election. We can’t let a government get away with making our quality of life dramatically worse. Regardless of what offshore media that know nothing about the state of our country may say, Jacinda Adern has been a failed prime minister in every way. Unless a complete miracle happens, I believe she will pay the price in this coming election.

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